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The mission of Textruss Component Building is to provide the highest quality trusses and service to all of our customers at all times, and to promote the use of trusses and manufactured products in the building industry in our area, and to:

Provide our customer base with the highest quality service and product required for them to perform the ever increasing demand on the housing industry.

Support the builder and the framers with proper supporting literature with placement plans, special connections details which assure proper installation of products provided with the truss package.

Communicate with building officials of all levels on issues concerning the use of trusses and the placement there of, and any necessary field adjustments.

Establish sound relationships with our customers and their prospective clients while providing an atmosphere conductive to growth and progress.

Coordinating and communicating with architects and engineers on structural issues pertaining to related projects.

To promote the safe, economic, and structurally sound use of trusses, thereby increasing the market penetration of manufactured wood truss products in the building industry.