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Founded 1970

Textruss, Inc., founded in 1970, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood roof and floor truss in the Austin, Texas area. We design and manufacture wood roof and floor truss systems for residential and commercial clients. Our truss manufacturing experience ranges from the simplest designs, multifamily projects, high-end residential design and large commercial structures.…
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History of Textruss

W.C. “Bill” Snow went on to one and three-quarters acres of brushy land near Austin with a chain saw and builder’s level and began cutting cedar and locating the slab for the first building. This marked the beginning of Textruss Component Building on October 15, 1970. Co-founders with Snow were Jimmy Youngquist and Roscoe C.…
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We will promote the safe, economic, and structurally sound use of trusses, thereby increasing the market penetration of manufactured wood truss products in the building industry.
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